Drive the Denali Highway connects the Richardson Highway to Denali National Park
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Denali Highway

This scenic, 133 mile/214 km route connects the Richardson Highway with Denali National Park and Preserve. The highway begins at Paxson Junction (mile 177/km 285 on the Richardson Highway) and ends at Cantwell Junction where it merges with the Parks Highway. It is only 28 miles from this point to the Denali National Park. This highway is closed from October to mid-May.

With the exception of the first 20 miles/32 km, this highway is gravel and can be quite rough.

Updates on Road Conditions and Construction:

Emergency Services

Copper River EMS at Glennallen--911 or 822-3263 (Alaska State Troopers).

Cantwell Volunteer Ambulance--768-2982 or 768-2202 (Alaska State Troopers).

There are no public phones on the highway outside of Paxson and Cantwell.

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mile 0--Paxson (Junction of Richardson & Denali Highways).

mile 7/km 12 Parking with view.

mile 8.1/km 13 Parking with view.

mile 10/km 16 Short hike to Ten Mile Lake. Fishing for burbot in Ten Mile Lake.

mile 10.5/km 16.9 Parking.

mile 13/km 20.9 Parking with view.

mile 17/km 27.3 2-mile trail to Little Swede Lake, and 3-mile trail to Swede Lake.

mile 18/km 14.7 Parking on both sides of highway.

mile 19/km 30.5 Parking.

mile 20/km 32 Tangle River Inn, visitor facilities.

mile 20.5/km 33 Parking.

mile 21.3/km 34.3 Tangle Lakes Wayside. BLM-maintained. North side of road and has 25 camp sites, wells with hand pumps are located at the Tangle Lakes Campground and the Delta wayside. toilets on Tangle Lake (one of seven large, connecting lakes with grayling, trout). Delta Wild and Scenic River Wayside are located on the south side of the road, both have a boat launch and picnic area. This is a day use area only. The wayside boat lauanch is the put-in for the Upper Tangle Lakes. system. Moose, caribou are plentiful and is heavily used during fall hunting season.

mile 22/km 35 Tangle Lakes Inn, visitor facilities.

mile 24.7/km 39.7 Rock Creek, one lane bridge.

mile 25/km 40 3-mile trail to Landmark Gap Lake.

mile 30.7/km 49.4 2-mile trail to Glacier Lake.

mile 31.7/km 51 Parking.

mile 35/km 56.3 MacLaren Summit. 4,086 ft/1245m This is the second highest highway pass on  the Alaska road system. (The Atigan Pass on the Dalton Highway is the highest).

mile 42/km 67.5 MacLaren River Bridge.

mile 43.3/km 69.7 MacLaren River Road and MacLaren River trailhead.

mile 48.6/km 78.2 Parking by lake.

mile 49.7/km 80 Parking by lake, Interpretive sign.

mile 55.6/km 89.5 Clearwater Creek, one-lane bridge. Rest area.

mile 68/km 109.4 Hatchet Lake Road. 4-wheel drive only.

mile 77/km 123.9 Private Airstrip.

mile 79/km 127 Valdez Creek Road leads to abandoned mining camp of Denali, which flourished in  the early 1900's. The area was mined again from 1990 to 1995.

mile 79.5/km 127.9 Susitna River, one lane bridge.

mile 81/km 130.4 2-mile trail to Snodgrass Lake.

mile 82/km 132 Visitor facilities. The Alaska Range is visible north of the highway between mile 87  and mile 104. Good views of Mt. Hayes, Hess, and Deborah.

mile 83/km 133.6 The abandoned Valdez Creek Mine can be seen across the Susitna River.

mile 90.5/km 145.6 Waters to the east of this point drain to the Susitna River system which flows to  the Cook Inlet in the south. West of here the Nenana flows to the Yukon River which empties into the Bering Sea.

mile 94.3/km 151.8 Short side road leads to parking area. Interpretive sign.

mile 94.8/km 152.6 Canyon Creek, parking.

mile 104.5/km 168.2 Brushkana Creek Campground. BLM-maintained. 22 camp sites, tables, toilets and firepits. Grayling fishing.

mile 107/km 172 Canyon Creek, fishing for grayling and lake trout.

mile 111/km 178.6 Seattle Creek, one-lane bridge, parking. Dolly Varden and grayling.

mile 115/km 185 Scenic view of Nenana River Valley, large parking area.

mile 117/km 188.3 Nenana River can be seen to the north of the highway.

mile 123/ km 198 Good views of Mt. McKinley.

mile 127.5/km 205 Fish Creek, good grayling fishing early in the year. Large parking area at east end of bridge.

mile 128/km 206 Good view of Mt. McKinley.

mile 130.3/km 209.7 Good photos of Mount McKinley (weather providing).

mile 132/km 212.4 Good grayling fishing in stream south of highway.

mile 133/km 214 Cantwell Junction. Junction of The Parks Highway and Denali Highway.

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