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Sitka National Historic Park

Alaska’s oldest federally designated park, Sitka National Historic Park was established in 1910 to commemorate the Battle of Sitka, which took place in 1804 on the point of land where the Indian River flows into Sitka Sound. All that remains of the Kiksadi fort is its outline, marked by posts, but the surroundings are largely unchanged. Today, visitors to the scenic 107-acre park can view demonstrations of Native arts in the Southeast Alaska Cultural Center, several totem poles along a short series of trails, and the Russian Bishop’s House, one of four surviving examples of Russian colonial architecture in North America. This original 1843 log structure conveys the legacy of Russian America through exhibits, refurbished living quarters and the Chapel of the Annunciation.
A classic combination of Northwest Coast totem poles and temperate rain forest are combined on the scenic coastal trail within Sitka National Historical Park.