Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre

Meet Ice Age giants like the woolly mammoth or the scimitar cat that ruled ancient Beringia.  Discover this intriguing era through skeletal remains, interactive exhibits and riveting films. A visit to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre will add 40,000 years to your vacation.

This multimedia exposition features life-size exhibits of animals of the last ice age, interactive kiosks and dioramas depicting the unique landscape, flora and fauna of Beringia. A full-size cast of the largest woolly mammoth ever recovered and a reconstruction of the 24,000-year-old Bluefish Caves archaeological site are the highlights.

View the Centre’s half-hour film which combines breathtaking scenes of modern-day Yukon and computer animation with rare archival photos. Listen to the stories of North America’s First People whose ancestors actually lived in the ancient world of Beringia. See frozen ice age carcasses uncovered by gold miners in the Klondike area of central Yukon – finds more valuable than gold itself!

The Centre is located on the Alaska Highway, just south of the Airport 5 minutes from downtown. Ample parking is available for recreational vehicles. Wheelchair accessible. 867-667-8855.

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