Maps of Alaska and The Yukon

We know how important a map of Alaska is to making your travel plans. Alaska is the largest state in all of the United States and that requires careful planning to get the most out of your trip. Understanding ‘Where is Alaska located?’ and ‘Where are you going?’ are essential. We’ve complied our Alaska State Map and Alaska road maps which include Alaska and Canada. We have maps of Alaska cities, highways and regions plus maps of the Yukon and Northern British Columbia in one convenient location. There’s no chance of getting lost now!

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Alaska Highway Map

This detailed map of the Alaska Highway shows all 1,422 Miles from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, Alaska.

Yukon Map

This map of the Yukon Territory includes from Watson Lake to Whitehorse and up to Dawson City, home of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Southeast Alaska Map

The Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska is serviced by the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System, a National Scenic Byway.

Alaska State Map

This Map of the State of Alaska includes the mainland and southeast Alaska, which includes the Inside Passage route.

Alaska Road Map

This Alaska driving map shows all of Alaska’s major highways plus the Alaska Highway and Top of the World Highway.

Free Travel Guides & Maps of Alaska

All of our excellent maps are available in our 3 free Mapbooks and our 2 fold-out maps. Find them at visitor centers, gas stations and campgrounds around Alaska, the Yukon and Northern BC. Or, you can view them online below.

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Maps of Alaska Highways

Below are maps of all the major highways in Alaska and leading to Alaska. These highways include The Parks Highway, Seward Highway, Alaska Highway, Klondike Highway, Glenn Highway, Richardson Highway and Sterling Highway. Below each Highway are links to the major towns and cities on each Highway.

Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is 1422 miles long and the longest highway, by a long ways, that we detail on our website. Built during World War II, it has been continually improved over 80 years. What began as not much more than a goat path is now an excellent, paved, two lane highway with plenty of space for all types of vehicles. Drivers of large RV’s do not need to fear driving the Alaska Highway.

The northern section between Haines Junction and Tok is typically the roughest part of the road, with plenty of bumps and frost heaves. We suggest taking your time through this section and enjoying the scenery at one of the many campgrounds along the way.

Parks Highway

The Parks Highway is the named for George Parks, and not because it is the highway that connects to Denali State Park and Denali National Park. Denali National Park has many of Alaska’s most luxurious lodges.

The Parks Highway is also the main route between Anchorage and Fairbanks. It is 358 miles long (576 km) and is open year round. It is a wide well-maintained road with speed limits up to 65 mph. At mile 99 you can take a 14 mile side road to the frontier town of Talkeetna.

Talkeetna has great views of Denali and is the where most of the flightseeing trips of Denali depart take off. The Parks Highway is also the western end of the Denali Highway which connects to Paxson on the Richardson Highway.

Seward Highway

The Seward Highway is one of the shortest highways in the State, but what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for in spectacular scenery. The highway connects Anchorage to Seward, in the Kenai Peninsula, passing snow capped mountains next to the stunning Turnagain Arm inlet. The highway connects visitors to Whittier, Portage Recreation Area and the small gold rush town of Hope. If you’re looking to camp in Seward, check out our list of RV parks near Seward.

Richardson Highway

The Richardson Highway starts in Valdez, Alaska and connects to Fairbanks. It is the first highway in Alaska. Originally built during the Gold Rush of the early 1900s, it was a pack trail for prospectors. It was improved and made suitable for vehicles in the 1920’s and paved in the 1950’s. Valdez is one of the premier visitor destinations in Alaska, for both Alaskans and our of state visitors. It has beautiful scenery, access to glaciers and Prince William Sound as well as spectacular fishing.

Denali Highway

The Denali Highway is a scenic, 135 mile/217 km route from Paxson to Cantwell. It begins at the Richardson Highway and ends at the Parks Highway, 27 miles south of Denali National Park  entrance.  The Denali Highway is closed from October to mid-May.

With the exception of the first 21 miles from Paxson and the first 2.6 miles from Cantwell, this highway is gravel and can be rough. It is not recommended for large RVs, however smaller RVs, campers, vans and other vehicles should be fine if driven carefully.


Maps of Alaska Highways

Below are maps of all the major highways in Alaska and leading to Alaska. These highways include The Parks Highway, Seward Highway, Alaska Highway, Klondike Highway, Glenn Highway, Richardson Highway and Sterling Highway. Below each Highway are links to the major towns and cities on each Highway. If you’re interested in what we consider the best RV route to Alaska, check out our blog post.

Klondike Highway

The Klondike Highway connect Skagway, Alaska with Dawson City, Yukon. This route roughly parallels the path the gold seekers took in the late 1800s. The South Klondike Highway runs from Skagway to the Alaska Highway.  Follow the Alaska Highway for 33 km before joining the North Klondike Highway to Dawson City.

The Sterling Highway is on the Kenai Peninsula and is the main access road road for the towns of Kenai, Soldotna and Homer. This is one of the busiest highways in Alaska during the summer as the Kenai Peninsula and packed with local Alaskans and visitors taking advantage of the amazing camping and fishing in the area. We have a list of RV Parks near Homer for those looking to camp.

Glenn Highway

The Glenn Highway runs from Anchorage to Glennallen, Alaska in the Copper Valley region. Glennallen sits near the border of the Wrangell St-Elias National Park. The end of the Glenn Highway connects to the Richardson Highway, with leads to Fairbanks (north) or Valdez (south). If camping in Anchorage, check out our list of RV Parks near Anchorage.

Top of the World Highway

The Top of the World Highway is actually a 2 different highways. In the Yukon it is Highway 9, from Dawson City to the USA border. On the USA side, it is the Taylor Highway. The Top of the World Highway is only open during the summer months.

Maps of Alaska Cities

Accurate and up to date maps of Alaska cities and towns in every region of Alaska. Our collection includes maps of Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage, to smaller, but no less spectacular towns like Seward, Valdez and Homer, Alaska.

Alaska Map and Info

Alaska is the largest State in the United States and has more coastline than the rest of the United States Combined. It is 663,267 square miles in size and has coastline that touches the Pacific ocean, Arctic Ocean, the Bering sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

Alaska is home to the highest mountain ranges in North America including the Wrangell and St-Elias Mountains and the Alaska Range which is capped by Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. Alaska is home to 8 National Parks and include:

Denali National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

Wrangel St-Elias National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Katmai National Park

Lake Clark National Park

Gates of the Arctic National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park

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