Valdez | South Central

Valdez is a Year Round Playground and is a city that needs to be on every visitors list of must do’s. It has a spectacular mix of tidewater glaciers, forests and mountains unequaled in the State and offers incredible recreational opportunities throughout the year. After you see the breathtaking mountain scenery and experience glacier and wildlife viewing in Prince William Sound, you will see that even Mother Nature has her favorites. Located on the north shore of a deepwater fjord in Prince William Sound, Valdez is only 120 air miles east of Anchorage but is a 305 mile drive via the Richardson and Glenn Highways. It is also the southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Construction of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline terminal and other cargo transportation facilities brought rapid growth in the 1970s.

Valdez is a travelers dream with excellent campgrounds and hotels and numerous restaurants. It has so many incredible tours and attractions that is impossible to choose a favorite. There are two outstanding Glacier trips and a fantastic helicopter tour that would be the highlight of any Alaska vacation.


Totem Hotel & Suites

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