Watson Lake | Yukon

Watson Lake is the first Yukon community encountered by the northbound traveller and is the second largest town in the Yukon. A comfortable day’s drive from Fort Nelson, BC or Whitehorse, Yukon make it a popular stopover point. There are several hotels, campgrounds and a number of interesting tourist attractions. Watson Lake grew from a small isolated outpost to a thriving community when the Alaska Highway was routed through its center. It became the accommodation and supply center for the building of this section of the highway.

The Sign Post Forest is Watson Lake’s most famous attraction. It was started in 1942 by Carl Lindley, a homesick GI, while working on the Alaska Highway. When repairing a directional post, he decided to add a sign for his hometown of Danville, IL, and inadvertently started the huge collection of signs. It is still being added to each year by visitors who wish to promote their own communities. The Town of Watson Lake maintains the Sign Post Forest, which is known as one of The Yukon’s most famous landmarks with over 75,000 unique signs.

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What is Watson Lake Known for?

Watson lake is famous for it’s massive collection of signs, know as the Signpost Forest. There are over 70,000 signs in the Signpost Forest and every year visitors bring new signs from around the world to add to the collection. Watson Lake is also home of the Northern Lights Center, a state of the art facility designed to explore and educate the mystery of the Aurora Borealis. It has a direct link to the Space Telescope Science Institute which shares the latest images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other NASA science missions.

How far is Watson Lake from Whitehorse?

Watson Lake, Yukon is 440 km (273 miles) south east of Whitehorse, the Capital of the Yukon.