Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek’s population swells all the way to 200 in the summer months although they do have a year-round population of 100. Canada Customs and Immigration is just north of town and is open 24 hours and all traffic entering Canada from Alaska must stop for clearance.

U.S. Customs and immigration is located 32 km/20 miles north of Beaver Creek on the Alaska Highway.

Beaver Creek has been inhabited for over 10,000 years and is the home of the White River First Nation, culturally affiliated with both the Upper Tanana people of Alaska and the Northern Tutchone people to the south and east.

Today, members of the White River First Nation are very active in their cultural revival, promoting traditional dancing, singing and language programs.

Beaver Creek has a library, a bank (open two days per week), restaurants, three hotels, a service station and post office. Stamps and a mailbox are available at the Mini-Mart on the Alaska Highway near the Westmark.

Emergency: There is a nurse on call 862-4444; RCMP 862-5555.

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