Chena Hot Springs Resort is Located at the center of a 40 square mile geothermal resource area 61 miles east of Fairbanks, Alaska. Water flows from the hot springs at 156 degrees Fahrenheit and must be cooled before bathers can take advantage of its invigorating properties. Accommodations at Chena Hot Springs vary from new bedroom units to rustic cabins, RV parking and tent sites The main lodge features fine dining, a full-service coffee shop and lounge.

Chena River State Recreation Area is a 397-square-mile preserve that includes the Chena River and the nearby mountainous region that is home to incredible hiking, canoeing and fishing. Gold miners discovered the springs in 1905 and by 1912 Chena Hot Springs was the place to go for residents of the booming town of Fairbanks looking to soak away their aches and pain. Considering it took most of a week to travel here in the early 1900’s is testament to the healing powers that the Hotsprings were thought to have.

The facilities include several indoor and outdoor tubs and Jacuzzis, including the outdoor Rock Lake – an artificial lake surrounded by boulders, perfect for soaking in the Northern Lights in the Winter. This part of Alaska is renowned for it’s Northern Lights viewing, as it is far from the city lights of Fairbanks and close to the Arctic circle. The resort offers many all inclusive winter Northern Lights tours that include a few nights of accommodation and the chance to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

The resort offers tours of it’s geo-thermal facilities as well as hiking, horseback riding, sled-dog cart rides, ATV tours, mountain biking, rafting, canoe trips, fishing for grayling, gold panning and even massage therapy.

Beyond the Hot Springs, Chena is also home to the Aurora Ice Museum, the world’s largest year-round ice museum with its very own ice bar!

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