Chichagof Island, or Shee Kaax, is the fifth-largest island in the U.S. and is famous for having a large population of brown bears. In fact, it has the highest density of bears per square mile anywhere on earth. The community of Hoonah is located at the northern part of the island. The rest of the Chichagof island is uninhabited wilderness, full of wildlife.

There are tour options to visit Chicagof Island from Juneau and Hoonah. Check out Hoonah ATV Tours to explore the island on your own ATV.

You can also take the Alaska Brown Bear and Wilderness Tour with Hoonah Travel Adventures. It will take you on a 3 hour tour searching for Brown Bear on the island. The guides are experts at knowing the bears patterns and although sightings are not guaranteed, they are likely.

Chichagof Island is a historic watering place for Soapy Smith’s gang in the late 1800s.

There is very limited accommodations on the island in Hoonah.

You can reach the island by  small commuter airlines from Juneau and the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System, which stops at the town of Hoonah.

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