The DIPAC Macaulay Salmon Hatchery in Juneau is a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to sustain and enhance the valuable salmon resources of the state of Alaska. The visitor center offers a variety of attractions including a 5,000-gallon aquarium, brown bear exhibit and bald eagle display. The aquariums feature over 150 species of local marine life. Get up close and personal with sea anemones, sea cucumbers, many species of crabs and sea stars in interactive touch tanks.
Spend time with knowledgeable, local guides who will explain the intricate hatchery process while enjoying an impressive look at the thousands of returning salmon in the fish ladder. Ask for the Extended Tour (late June through early August) to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the operation.
Guests can view baby King and Coho salmon all summer long in the rearing facility. Adult salmon start returning the end of June and continue through October. Bald Eagles and seals frequent the hatchery and provide a fantastic wildlife viewing opportunity.
For those guests looking to purchase salmon, the visitor center offers a large variety of shelf stable, smoked salmon products, all processed in Alaska.

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