One of the true gems of the Tumbler Ridge area is Kinuseo Falls. The spectacular Kinuseo Falls is 70m tall, which is taller than Niagara Falls. Located in Monkman Provincial Park.
There is both vehicle accessible camping, tent camping, and walk-in/wilderness camping. Monkman park has hiking, fishing, drinking water, picnic areas and pit toilets.

Monkman Provincial Park

Monkman Park is located on the Kinuseo Falls Road, 60km south of Tumbler Ridge. Monkman Park,  covers 62,867 hectares of diverse, beautifl landscapes from alpine meadows, forested valley and jagged mountain peaks, to massive waterfalls and crystal clear alpine lakes.

Monkman Park was established in 1981. An additional 22,000 hectares were added in 2001 to protect the Limestone Lakes and Upper Fontiniko Creek Valley.

Despite the rugged nature of Monkman park, prime areas of it are easily accessed. There is even a wheelchair-accessible platform affording great views of the Falls. Activities at Monkman include camping, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing, picnicking, and backcountry camping.

The 63 km (one-way) Monkman Memorial Trail provides the adventurous an experience of unspoiled splendour. This trail, which leads to Monkman Lake, features the spectacular Monkman Cascades, a series of 10 stunning waterfalls.

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