Mendenhall Lake Canoe Adventure

Mendenhall Lake Canoe Adventure is operated by Alaska Travel Adventures. This is a unique opportunity to paddle an exact replica of a traditional Tlingit Canoe. Be sure to reserve ahead, as there is limited space available. Your experience begins at the Cruise Ship Dock and you will travel by comfortable coach to Mendenhall lake. Once there you will be outfitted with everything you need and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Hop aboard the beautiful reconstructed Tlingit canoe and make your way to a safe distance from the face of the Mendenhall Glacier. Very few travelers have been able to experience the thrill of being this close to an active glacier. You will have lots of opportunities to see the many species of wildlife of the area. After skirting the base of Nugget Falls that descends into the Lake you will share a snack with your fellow travelers. 800-323-5757

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