Rocking Star Adventures provides aerial tours of Kluane National Park. Professional pilots narrate your flight, with stories, history, and geographical information about the area. Tours depart from Haines Junction and Burwash Landing. 867-334-8675

Lowell & Dusty Glacier
45 Min.
See two of the surging Glaciers. The Lowell & the Dusty Glacier.
They surge approximately every 15 years.

1 Hour
Leave Haines Junction and see the beautiful grasslands of Kluane National Park
that host many different birds and an unusually rich grizzly bear habitat as you fly
into the park where you will see Pinnacle Peak, Mount Archibald, Mount Alverstone,
the Lowell Icefalls, Disappointment Glacier and the South Arm Glacier

King & Queen Tour
1 1/2 Hours
Your 1.5hr tour extends the one hour tour to include Mount Queen Mary & Mount
King George named in 1935 for Queen Mary’s Silver Jubilee, Mount Hubbard and
Mount Vancouver the Main Arm of the Kaskawulsh Glacier the Hubbard &
Stairway Glaciers .

2 Hours
Extend the King & Queen Tour to include a trip around Mount Logan and see the
Logan Glacier and the Columbus and Seward Glaciers.

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