The National Park Service maintains public campgrounds within the park. One can drive a car or RV to Riley Creek, Savage River and Teklanika Campgrounds.  Access to Sanctuary River Campground and Wonder Lake Campground is by shuttle bus only. Wonder Lake Campground in closed while the Denali Park Road is closed at mile 43. 

Camping fees in Denali  range from $20 – $40 per night, depending on the park and the facilities.  Anyone entering the park will also have to pay a $15 per person fee. If you don’t already have a National Park entrance pass, you will pay the fee at check in. You can reserve campsites by calling 1-800-622-7275, or  in person at the Visitor Center up to two days in advance. 

During any summer  season you can stay only 14 nights in the park whether you stay in one campground or in several. Park campgrounds are maintained from Memorial Day to mid-September, weather permitting.

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