The Alaska ULU knife (pronounced oo-loo) has been used for centuries by the Indigenous people of the Arctic. Ulus were first shaped from slate – a stone that can often be found, in its natural shape, curved or tapered to a fine edge. Used to skin, fillet, sew, and eat, the ulu was and still is, their most popular cutting tool. Today, the ulu has become a familiar sight in many modern kitchens, and its uses are as varied as the people who use it. From chopping nuts to slicing cheese and meats, the unique design of the ulu increases dexterity and leverage. Our finely crafted ulu is sure to become one of your most valuable kitchen aids.

Come visit The Ulu Factory where you’ll find the best selection of real ulu knives and bowls, made right at the factory. They also carry other Alaskan made gifts you won’t want to miss. When you’re there, take a tour and watch how the ulus are made and used. While downtown Anchorage, look for “Lolley”, The Ulu Factory trolley. She’s a free shuttle service during the summer with service to and from The Ulu Factory. A visit to The Ulu Factory is “sharp” shopping! 211 W. Ship Creek Avenue. 907-276 3119

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