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The Alaska State Map

Plan your route to Alaska with the most accurate and comprehensive map available.

Not only does our map have detailed coverage of Alaska’s major highways as far east as Whitehorse, Yukon. It also includes a complete map of the Yukon, British Columbia and into Alberta and Washington State. Perfect for planning your drive north.

You can view our map for free right here, or download a PDF of the map to your computer.

Alaska State Map

Order Your Printed Alaska State Map

If you would like the actual paper copy of our map, delivered to your door, we can do that too.

Our map is compact and convenient to use and we know you’ll find it immensely helpful in planning your route north. The map is just 3.5″ x 7″ but folds out to ….fold out to 28″ wide x 19″ tall!

For the just the cost of shipping ($1.99) we will mail anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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