Seldovia is near Homer and is a beautiful reminder of what coastal Alaska was like in the past. There are no malls, no crowds and you can always find a place to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. To reach Seldovia you must travel by air or water as there is no road access.

In 1931 an elevated wooden sidewalk was built along the waterfront to facilitate travel through town. Businesses in buildings set on pilings flourished along the wooden walkway, and it was also a gathering place for the residents. Seldovia became known in Alaska as “the boardwalk town.”

The 1964 “Good Friday”earthquake changed Seldovia forever. The land mass fell six feet, and high tides washed over the buildings, houses and stores completely destroying the business area. Fill was brought in from the surrounding hills so the town could be rebuilt on higher ground, above high tides.

Even today, the charm of old Seldovia is retained in a section of boardwalk that was built much later than the original and is often called the “new boardwalk” by residents. It is the only historical piece that remains and can be found overlooking the Seldovia Slough.
Today Seldovia is an active and fun community that welcomes visitors and is a great opportunity to see Alaska as it was.

You can take a water taxi, ferry, local air taxi or charter a boat from Homer.
Seldovia Museum and Visitor Center. Discover the rich history of the area. 206 Main Street. 907-262-5229

Seldovia Museum and Visitor Center. Discover the rich history of the area. 206 Main Street. 907-262-5229

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Athabaskan Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos have camped at Seldovia for hundreds of years, but its modern history began in the late 1800s. Mikhail Dmitrievich Teben’kov, Chief manager of the Russian Colonies in North America sent Captain Archimandritov to explore Cook’s Inlet, including the area that was to become Seldovia.

Russians and Natives who engaged in fur trading settled here and by the 1870s Seldovia was a thriving community.
At the turn of the century, Seldovia was a stop for prospectors on their way to the gold fields in the Interior.

Over the years the processing of herring, crab and salmon have been important industries. A herring boom in the 1920s brought Scandinavians to town and they stayed on to fish salmon, halibut & crab. More than fifty fox farms were established in the bays and coves of the peninsula and Seldovia became the commerce center for all of Western Alaska.

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