Our goal at Alaska Tours is to offer visitors to Alaska and the Yukon Territory the largest choice of vacation ideas at the best possible prices with a high level of service. Our team of friendly travel professionals enjoy living in Alaska and have a sincere interest in making visitors’ Alaska vacations the most memorable possible. We pride ourselves on providing fast, friendly, reliable service and helpful information based on your travel needs. And that makes the whole planning experience a lot easier and more fun for you!

Your Alaska dream trip isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s what we offer. We customize many of our Alaska vacations, so they are just right for you. Plus, we are also a local trusted and safe resource for you once you are here.

We have over 30 years of continuous tour experience in Alaska and the Yukon Territory, and are known as one of Alaska’s premier independent tour companies since 1991.  Our knowledge and experience in Alaska trip planning is what will ensure you will have the vacation you’ve dreamed of. Call us today at 1-866-317-3325.

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