Caines Head State Recreation Area

Caines Head State Recreation Area is the scenic site of an abandoned World War II fort, can be reached by boat or on foot (at low tide) from Seward. Its headlands rise 650 feet above Resurrection Bay, against a backdrop of high peaks, and give a sweeping view of the ocean.Early in World War II, as the territory of Alaska was attacked and occupied  by Imperial Japanese ground forces, Caines Head and other Resurrection Bay  vantages became strategic spots for defending the Port of Seward. As the southern  terminus of the Alaska Railroad, the port was a critical supply line for the war effort and for Alaskans.

Visitors are invited to explore the remains of Fort McGilvray, and the many  natural attractions of this 6,000-acre state recreation area. The fort is open to explore, but take a flashlight to find your way through  the maze of underground passages and rooms. The cliffs around the fort are  dangerous. Stay on the concrete pads and trails. Decayed structures are unsafe. (Do not walk on, or disturb them). In Case  of an Emergency 911. Harding Icefield Trail A 3 1/2 mile trail from the Exit Glacier area leads up to the Harding Icefield. It is a very strenuous, all day hike and visitors should check with rangers at the visitor center for up to date trail information/conditions.

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