Kitty Hensley House

Katherine “Kitty” Hensley lived in a small shack in Fairbanks’ early days. It is now one of the collection of cabins in Pioneer Park and is a Museum. Captain Smythe, an admirer of Kitty’s, remodelled the structure you see today in 1914, using lumber from his damaged sternwheeler. 

This cozey cabin was built slowly, and some folks believe that was due to Capt. Smythe wanting to spend more time in the company of Kitty.

The Kitty Hensley House (cabin #11) was built in the early 1900’s but was moved to Pioneer Park. in 1967, where it is still located.  The cabin has been furnished with authentic pieces of furniture from the period. Kitty Hensley was a true eccentric and an information sheet describing her activities can be found in the cabin.

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