Santa Claus House is 14 miles/22 km from Fairbanks, in the community of North Pole, Alaska. Each year, the Miller Family plays the part of Santa, answering letters from thousands of children. Fronted by a giant Santa Claus, the decorated, ginger-bread-type house contains one of the largest gift shops in Alaska and is a must stop while you are in the Fairbanks area. 907-488-2200.

History of Santa Claus House

The history of Santa Claus House dates back to 1952, when a man named Con Miller decided to open a trading post in North Pole, Alaska. Con Miller had been a trader and fur buyer and he’d gained a reputation for playing Santa Claus for the nearby native village children. 

This prompted him to name his new trading post “Santa Claus House.” The store was more of a General Store to begin with, as it supplied the nearby military bases with basic supplies. However, it has evolved over the years to a Christmas focused theme. Miller and his wife Nellie Miller had always been interested in Christmas and wanted to create a place where people could come and experience the magic of the holiday season year-round. For many years, Con Miller dressed as Santa Claus and Nellie dressed as Mrs. Claus to the delight of the local children.

In 1972, when the new Richardson Highway was re-routed away from the original store Con and Nellie Miller rebuilt the store next to the new four-lane Highway. At this time the change from general store to Christmas themed gift store really took off. Over time, as the shop grew in popularity, and it eventually evolved into much more than just a gift shop. It is also home to a Christmas museum, a post office, a sweet shop and the Antler Academy. The Antler Academy is a fun and interactive way for children to meet live reindeer, feed them and get a photo with them to prove they meet Santa’s team. It is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

One of the most unique attractions at Santa Claus House is the post office, which is the only place in the world where you can have your mail stamped with a special “North Pole” postmark. The post office is a great place to send Santa letters. Santa Claus House is famous for the letters it sent to children all over the world. These personalized letters let children know they are on Santa’s Nice List, giving them peace of mind and a boost of confidence.

Santa Claus House RV Park

In addition to the Antler Academy, Santa Claus House is also home to the Santa Claus RV Park. This RV park is a great place for travelers to park their RVs and spend the night while visiting the attraction. The RV park is conveniently located just a short distance from Santa Claus House and is a great option for travelers who want to stay close to all of the action. The RV park features a variety of amenities, including full hook-ups, restrooms, and showers. It is a clean and well-maintained facility that is perfect for travelers who are looking for a comfortable place to stay while visiting Santa Claus House and the surrounding area.


Santa Statue

Santa Claus House is also home to a the world’s largest Santa statue. This statue is a popular photo opportunity for visitors to the attraction, and it is a great way to capture the spirit of Christmas.

The giant Santa statue overlooking the parking lot, stands at nearly 50 feet tall and is another festive and charming feature of Santa Claus House. 

Directions to Santa Claus House – North Pole Alaska

From Fairbanks, take the Richardson Highway South, 15 miles, towards Delta Junction. Exit at Santa Claus Lane and turn onto St. Nicholas Drive. You can’t miss the giant Santa Statue and the candy canes decorating the store.

North Pole is a small community 15 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska on the Richardson Highway. It is a great place to experience the magic of Christmas time all year round. Whether you are young or old, a fan of Christmas or just looking for a fun and festive destination, Santa Claus House has something for everyone.

World's largest Santa claus statue
World's Largest Santa Statue

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