Ship Your RV To Alaska

Avoid the Canada border closures by shipping your RV to Alaska from Seattle.

The Canadian government has continued with its border closures for recreational travel, and it does not look like they will open this summer. This is terrible because it limits access to Alaska for those who want to drive to Alaska in their own RV.

As I was contemplating this problem, I thought “what if there was another option to get to Alaska?”

And it turns out there is! TOTE steamship line runs a twice weekly ship from Seattle to Anchorage.

At first, I was worried that it would be far too expensive, so I called them and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable cost. Rates vary depending on timing and size of vehicle, so you’ll have to contact TOTE to get your own personalized quote.

Now do not get me wrong, this is not cheap but as a lifelong RVer I know how much it costs to own and operate a recreational vehicle. In fact, I am sure that, like me, you can tell people how many miles to the gallon you get, how much it cost for depreciation, tire costs and repairs and all the other incidentals.

Remember if you were going to drive to Anchorage from Seattle it would be about 2500 miles. If you ship your RV, instead of a 10 day trip through the wilderness, you’ll only have a three hour flight and your RV won’t turn a wheel to go all the way to Anchorage. When you do the math, you will find that those normal driving costs will be about half the cost of shipping by TOTE.

Like you, I also had concerns about how my “baby” would be looked after and I was surprised to find out that TOTE has a below deck roll on roll off service so your RV will be protected from any adverse weather or things like salt spray. It is really an amazing service and one you should look at if you are serious about getting to Alaska and don’t want to rent after you arrive. Long time RVers know there is no replacing the comfort of your home on wheel.

Now you may ask “why would I choose this year to go to Alaska” when the cost is higher to get there?

The answer is simple. Alaska has more things to see and do than any other State in the Union but the thing is, with reduced travel this year, due to the pandemic and border closures, this may be the best year to visit Alaska and enjoy the wilderness without all the crowds that are sure to return as soon as the borders are open and international travel resumes.

We have an inside line at most tourism businesses in Alaska (because they are advertisers in our travel books) and we are pleased to say all of the major tourism places will be open this summer.

So whether you ship your RV and stay for the summer or decide to rent an RV or a car this is still the perfect year to make your trip north.

Don’t think that it’s not possible to make the trip, even if you can’t travel here the traditional way. I am going in June so hope to see you there. The cost for shipping to Alaska my 25 ft Motorhome is under $50 per day as I will be staying for 3 months.

Come play in Alaska!

P.S. if you are planning on renting anything you should do this immediately as we are forecasting a severe shortage of rental vehicles in Alaska.

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