Cassiar Highway

Cassiar Highway 37 is a 724 km/450 mile long road which provides an excellent alternate route for visitors traveling to or from the Yukon or Alaska.

The Cassiar Highway knives through mountain-river-lake-glacier country. There  are several communities enroute. Time should be allowed for a visit to the neighboring towns of Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska, reached by a 65 km/40mile highway which opens up some of the North’s most spectacular glacier and mountain scenery.This area of British Columbia and Alaska is one of the most beautiful you will visit on your trip north. Long renowned for its glaciers and waterfalls, one of the top attractions still has to be the friendly people.

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The Cassiar Highway 37 originally was a combination of logging and mine haul roads. The highway has been improved, however, and for the most part has been realigned.

Although there are some sections under construction, the road is fine for campers, motorhomes and vehicles towing trailers.

Some services listed in the following highway log are not open all year. Fill your tank at all opportunities and you will have no problems.

Distances along the Cassiar Highway are marked by KILOMETRE posts. (A kilometre  is 6/10 mile.) Numbers shown in the highway log correspond to kilometre posts on the side of the Highway.

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