Trapper Creek

Trapper Creek is found at the intersection of Petersville Road and Mile 115 Parks Highway. As with most roads in Alaska, Petersville Road was built to access the Gold Mines in the foothills of Denali. The first permanent residents to settle in the area came around 1939 and shortly after that a group called the Michigan 59ers staked their land along this wagon trail. With fertile farm land, abundant furs and gold nuggets in the streams, they made this home (and many still reside here today). Self-tour the Petersville Road and discover the rich history of the area, the breathtaking views of south Denali and if you are lucky you will see some of the plentiful wildlife that lives here. Don’t miss out on one of Alaska’s best kept secrets. Trapper Creek is a quaint little town full of memories and Alaskan riches.

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