Sitka | Southeast (Inside Passge)

Sitka, Alaska’s historic Russian-American island city, is situated on the  west side of Baranof Island. Mt. Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano that looks like Japan’s Mr. Fujiyama, dominates the horizon and tiny flowerpot islands dot the harbor. Sitka is easily accessible as it is a scheduled stop on the Alaska  Marine Highway System and has daily flights from Seattle and Juneau. It is also a favorite stop for cruise ships during the summer.

The name Sitka, or “Shee Atika” in Tlingit meaning “people on the outside of Shee (“Shee” being the Tlingit name of Baranof  Island). Looking back upon Alaska’s historical happenings, it was indeed here  that much of Alaska’s history was written. Sitka was the headquarters for the Russian-American Company which  colonized and exploited their new found possession. Sitka was the site of  the historic transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States, and the location of Alaska’s first capital.