Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait Point on Chichagof Island is just one mile from Hoonah. It became a cruise ship destination in 2004 when the Huna Totem Corporation built a cruise ship dock.
Originally built in 1912 as a salmon cannery, Icy Strait Point is now a world class cruise destination, winning “Port of the Year” in the 2020 Seatrade Awards.
Renowned for it’s responsible tourism practices, Icy Strait Point is Alaska Native owned and profits support the local community. It’s possible for Independent travelers to enjoy all of the activities here as they are open to the public, but only when a cruise ship is in port. Tours can be booked at www.icystraitpoint.com
There is no shortage of activities to do in this small port. Visitors can explore walking trails along the beach and through the old-growth forests or spend time in the fishing history museum, shopping or dining at the well reviewed restaurants. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the Icy Strait Forest Gondola to the top of Hoonah Mountiain. You will be rewarded with spectacular views of the lnside Passage and surrounding forests.

Icy Strait Point Things to do

World’s Largest Ziprider has six side by side 5,330 ft ziplines that drop over 1000 feet. Riders reach up to 60 mph while cruising 300 feet above the rainforest canopy.

Whale and Marine Mammals Cruise takes guests through Alaska’s largest summer population of humpback whales. They even guarantee 100% chance of a whale sighting. There is also the possibility to spot Orca’s, Steller’s sea lions, seals, porpoise, bald eagles and bears on the shore.

Spasski River Valley Wildlife & Bear Search heads deep into the wilds of Chichagof Island in search of the local wildlife. Famous for it’s high density of brown bears, the Spasski River Valley attracts bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, bald eagles and more.

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