Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge is BC’s youngest town. Built as an “instant town” in 1981, Tumbler Ridge was carved out of the wilderness in order to accommodate metallurgical (steel-making) coal mining activity in the area. Fascinating geology, an abundance of waterfalls and amazing dinosaur discoveries all played a part in Tumbler Ridge being designated a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2014.

Tumbler Ridge is a picturesque community, which is home of the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark. Discover year-round recreation opportunities to explore hiking trails, alpine vistas, sparkling waterfalls, and dinosaur trackways. In 2000, dinosaur tracks were discovered and that lead to a number of internationally significant prehistoric discoveries that date back 74-135 million years. In 2017, British Columbia’s first dinosaur skull was discovered nearby and the area also boasts the only known tyrannosaur trackways in the world. Tumbler Ridge is also home to British Columbia’s first dinosaur bone beds, comprised of dozens of specimens, and countless other dinosaur tracks. The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery displays examples of these rare finds.


Tumbler Ridge Visitor Center located at 265 Southgate St. 250-242-3123


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