North Pole

One of Alaska’s most interesting communities is North Pole, 15 miles southeast of Fairbanks. It is best known as the home of Santa Claus House but has a large number of businesses that cater to the traveling public. Restaurants, motels, campgrounds, supermarkets and a shopping center are located near the Richardson Highway.
North Pole has a population of about 2100. This area was first homesteaded in 1944 by a farmer named Bon Davis and his wife Bernice. In 1952, Dahl and Gaske Development Company purchased the Davis homestead, subdivided it and renamed it North Pole, in hopes of attracting a toy manufacturer to the area. The City was incorporated on January 15, 1953

North Pole Visitor Information Center, located at 2550 Mistletoe Drive is open from the end of May to September. 907-488-2242

Unlike many Alaskan towns, North Pole does not have history going back thousands of years. But that does not mean it is boring! Con Miller was a young entrepreneur who became a fur buyer and trader shortly after arriving in Alaska in 1949. He opened a small gift store in Fairbanks and then moved it to North Pole. Miller had already developed a reputation for playing Santa Claus to the Native children in the Alaskan Villages, and so he named his new trading post Santa Claus House.

Con and his wife Nellie set about creating a dream that is still ongoing today. Realizing how exciting it was for children to get a letter from Santa, Con and Nellie decided to make it easy for them to receive a letter from the North Pole. They encouraged children to write to Santa and ensured every child got a return letter.

You can still receive one of the letters that the Millers created by going to the Santa Clause House website.
Each year the US post office at North Pole receives thousands of letters from hopeful children around the world looking for a special letter with return postmark from the North Pole.

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Best Place to Stay in North Pole Alaska

Hotel North Pole

Free Continental Breakfast and Wi-fi. Northern Lights Wake up call on request. Santa Suite available. Close to Santa Claus House and local shops and restaurants. Ideally located between military bases. Only 15 minutes from Fairbanks. Inquire about our local tours and Santa Package. 907-488-4800.


Camping in North Pole Alaska

Chena Lakes Recreation Area

The Chena Lakes Recreation Area is managed as two units, the Lake Park and the River Park. Each has two campground loops, 86 campsites, some pull-throughs for RV’s, with water, bathrooms, dump station, and handicap accessible. Each park also has a boat launch ramp and extensive picnic areas, which include covered pavilions. Chena Lake also has a designated swimming area and boat dock. There are two changing rooms/warm-up huts at the swim beach and one at the River Park. Volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a children’s playground are available. There is also a nature trail along the river.


Things to Do in North Pole Alaska

Santa Claus House

Santa Claus House is 14 miles/22 km from Fairbanks, in the community of North Pole, Alaska. Each year, the Miller Family plays the part of Santa, answering letters from thousands of children. Fronted by a giant Santa Claus, the decorated, ginger-bread-type house contains one of the largest gift shops in Alaska and is a must-stop while you are in the Fairbanks area.


North Pole FAQS

What is special about North Pole Alaska?

Every child knows that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. That is what makes North Pole, Alaska, special. Seriously, Santa Claus House, a gift shop in town, is the centerpiece of North Pole Alaska. Order a letter to be sent to a favorite child, get a head start on Christmas gifts, see Santa’s reindeer, or buy a square inch of property of North Pole.

Just a few short miles south of Fairbanks, Santa Claus House is easy to find, with a 50-foot Santa statue right out front.

Is North Pole Alaska worth visiting?

North Pole is worth visiting, especially with children who will be thrilled to see the famous Santa Claus House. The entire town is theme based on Christmas, one of the world’s favorite holidays. In the winter, see Christmas in Ice, complete with stunning ice sculptures and an icy playground.

Can you drive to the North Pole from Fairbanks?

Driving to North Pole from Fairbanks is easy as it is only 14 miles from Fairbanks to North Pole. People commute daily between the towns.

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