Portage | Kenai Peninsula

Portage Glacier Recreation Area is accessed via 5-mile paved road at mile 79 of the Seward Highway. The road ends at a large parking lot next to Portage Lake with excellent views of the floating icebergs. The road continues another 6 miles to Whittier, which requires travelers to pass through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. At 2.5 miles long, it is the 2nd longest tunnel in North America.

The first stop at Portage Glacier should be the Begich-Boggs Visitor Center, which contains a number of exhibits as well as a highly recommended film, “Retreat and Renewal: Stories from Alaska’s Chugach National Forest.” The Glacier has receded over three miles in the past century and is no longer visible from the Visitor Center, which was built in 1986. It is open daily in summer 9 to 6. 907-783-2326.

Alaska Railroad About 10 miles south of Girdwood, Portage is where many Spencer Glacier Rafters or Grandview passengers might meet the train. This station was affected when the 1964 earthquake on Good Friday happened. Portage elevation dropped 12 feet.

Trains: Glacier Discovery

Activities: Boarding station for Whistle Stop Rafters, Hikers, & Campers

Arrival time: From Anchorage into Whittier: 11:40 AM, From Whittier to Spencer: 1:15 PM, From Spencer to Whittier: 5:15 PM, From Whittier to Girdwood: 7:15 PM.



Byron Glacier Trail

The trailhead is in the Portage Glacier parking lot about halfway between the Beigich-Boggs Visitors Center and the boat dock. The trail …