Driving the Klondike Highway From Skagway, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon
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Klondike Highway (Yukon Highway 2)

Kilometer 0 to 149

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Kilometer Post on the Klondike Highway

This 717 km/445 mile Klondike Highway, which is mostly paved, connects Skagway Alaska and Dawson City Yukon, heart of the Klondike. Beginning at Skagway, the road climbs for 14 miles/22.5 km to the 3,292 foot/1003 m summit near the Alaska/Canada border. Between Skagway and the border the road roughly parallels the old White Pass Trail, an alternate to the Chilkoot Trail which ultimately proved more popular as it was the shorter of the two climbs. The only population center along the 114 miles/183 km of connecting routes between Skagway and Whitehorse is the small community of Carcross. At present, there are no services between Skagway and Carcross.
The mileage markers along the way indicate the distance from Skagway.

Updates on Road Conditions and Construction: http://www.511yukon.ca/

Klondike Map

Klondike Highwy Map (PDF)
Klondike Highway Road Log (PDF)

mile 0-Skagway Alaska .
Pay attention to the speed limit signs as the police are very serious about the speed limits in Skagway. The reduced speed zone extends to the White Pass Summit mile 14.3/km 23.

mile 1.4/km 2.3 Turn-off. On right (for northbound). Follows railroad track .6 mile/1 km to Gold Rush Cemetery where Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith and Frank Reid are buried. Hiking trail leads from the cemetery to Reid's Falls.

mile 1.6/km 2.6 Skagway River. Highway curves west past the White Pass and Yukon Route yard's and crosses Skagway River.

mile 2.3/km 3.7 Dyea turn-off 7.7 mile/12.4 km road to Dyea, Skagway's neighboring town in goldrush days. Remains of a wharf, foundations of some buildings, and Slide Cemetery can be found here. Dyea road is narrow, high above the water in places and has no guard rail. Be extremely cautious.

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mile 5/km 8 Parking area. View of White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad on east side of canyon and the old Brackett Wagon Road on valley floor beside the Skagway River.

mile 5.5/km 8.9 Parking area with Historical Exhibit. Porcupine Creek was an ideal campsite for stampeders on Trail of '98.

mile 6.1/km 9.8 Parking.

mile 6.9/km 11 US Customs Station. Open 24 hours in the summer months. All travelers entering the US must stop.

There are several parking areas along the highway with views of Pitchfork Falls and White Pass Yukon Route Railroad.

mile 9.1/km 14.6 Parking, Historical information sign about the Klondike Gold Rush Trail. Good view of White Pass & Yukon Route and the canyon leading to Esk Glacier.

mile 10/km 16 Parking area at waterfall.

mile 11.1/km 17.9 Captain William Moore Bridge spans 110-foot/33.5 m gorge.

mile 11.8/km 19 Parking with view of Captain William Moore Bridge, hanging glacier, Sawtooth Mountains, and Skagway River gorge.

mile 13/km 20.9 Parking.

mile 14.3/km 23  White Pass Summit, parking. Highest point on the highway 3,292 ft/1003 m. The speed limit is 40mph/60 kmph from hereto Skagway, the police often have radar here. Mileage markers along the highway in Canada are in Kilometres.

km 24/mile 15 US/Canada boundary , parking. Highway begins descent into BC lake country. Time zone change. If you are traveling to the Yukon, it is one hour later. (PST in the Yukon)

km 25 Rest are with view. Summit Lake and White Pass and Yukon Route RR station.

km 29 Summit Creek, parking.

km 35 Parking.

km 36.5 Canadian Customs Station at Fraser. Open 24 hours. All vehicles must stop for inspection. View of Fraser Lake.

km 36.8 Fraser, rest area with information sign.

km 38.5 Parking.

km 43 Parking with view of Tormented Valley.

km 44 Highway crosses rails of White Pass and Yukon Railway at Log Cabin. This is the exit point for the Chilkoot Trail so there are always hikers in this area.

km 46 Parking.

km 49.8 Tutshi River.

km 57 to km 70 provides a view of Tutshi (too-shy) Lake. The highway parallels the lake for several miles and there are numerous parking areas along the road.

km 58 Parking.

km 62.1 Parking.

km 64.3 Side Road on right (for northbound) leads to boat launch and undeveloped picnic area on Tutshi Lake (not recommended for large vehicles).

km 70 Parking with view of Tutshi Lake.

km 74.4 Venus Mines concentrator closed in 1981.

km 77 Parking, view eastward of Windy Arm, an extension of Tagish Lake.

km 79.8 Dall Creek.

km 80.3 BC/Yukon Border. Rest area with view of Windy Arm.

km 83.4 Parking. Remains of an Historic Mill from old Venus Mine. Mill operated for 6 months in 1910 before mine shut down.

km 84.5 Pooly Creek.

km 85 Parking.

km 86.7 Venus Mine. Ore storage bin and foundation of old mill.

km 95 Rest area with historical sign and view of Bove Island, toilets.

km 98.1 Parking.

km 104 Nares Lake.

km 105.2 Nares River Bridge. Spans narrows between Bennett Lake and Tagish Lake. On left (for northbound), you can see railroad bridge for White Pass & Yukon Route.

km 105.6 Carcross, pop. 430.
Services: Airstrip, Caribou Hotel, gas, store, police, post office.
Matthew Watson General Store The oldest operating store in the Yukon is loaded with both artifacts and a huge range of gifts, clothing, souvenirs - and an ice cream parlour.

km 106.2 Carcross Yukon government campground, 12 camp sites, water, tables. Fee area.

km 106.4 Junction with Yukon Highway #8 which leads to Tagish, Atlin Road and Alaska Highway at Jake's Corner. Visitor facilities.

km 107.7 Point of interest sign on the Carcross Desert, parking. Most Canadians have never heard of Carcross Desert. The Yukon is home to the smallest desert in the world, less than 260 hectares. This desert is the remains of the sandy bottom of a glacial lake left after our last ice age. The dry climate and the strong wind conditions is what created the sand dunes and what allows little vegetation to grow.

km 108.6 Caribou Crossing Trading Post and Wildlife Gallery offers several activities under one roof: wildlife museum with the world’s largest polar bear and life-size woolly mammoth, drop-in scenic dog cart rides with Iditarod teams, and cozy café with sandwiches, soups, and local coffees. Affordable admission rates ($7.75) gets you admission to the museum, a visit with their adorable husky puppies, and also a stroll through the petting farm. Mention ‘Bell’s Guides’ for 50% discount off admission. Open 9 to 5 daily. 867-821-4055

km 115.5 Spirit Lake Lodge, visitor facilities.

km 116.9 Spirit Lake.

km 117.5 View Point at Emerald Lake with Point of Interest sign. One of the most beautiful lakes in the Yukon.

km 128.6 Side road leads to Lewes Lake 2 km/1.2 miles. Fishing for grayling & Lake Trout.

km 136.7 Rat Lake.

km 142.4 Robinson Roadhouse Historical Site, Rest area with view of Robinson, once a stop on the White Pass and Yukon Route. The town was named for Stikine Bill Robinson, an early day adventurer.

km 148.1 Cowley Lake Road leads to an abandoned White Pass & Yukon Railroad Station. Access via 2.6 km/1.6 miles side road.


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