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Glenn Highway -

Tok Cut-Off

Tok Cut-off (Tok to Glennallen)
Mile 129 - 52
Mile 51 - 0

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This highway runs 328 miles/528 km from Anchorage to the Alaska Highway at Tok Junction. Its grades are moderate, and the entire route is paved. It parallels the Mentasta and Wrangell mountain ranges and spans the fertile, crop-producing Matanuska Valley. The area is populated by bear, moose, caribou, & Dall sheep, there is good grayling, trout & salmon fishing along the way in many of the streams and rivers.

Updates on Road Conditions and Construction:

Since you may be turning onto the Glenn Highway at Tok, the following highway description begins there. The mileage figures in bold correspond to the markers in place along this section of the Glenn Highway. The 125-mile road which connects the Alaska Highway and the Richardson Highway is referred to as the Tok cutoff. At mile 0 the Tok cut-off connects to the Richardson Highway at mile128.5 for 13 miles to the south Glenn/Richardson Junction at mile 115 of the Richardson, and then turns west for Anchorage. If you are continuing on to Valdez see Richardson Highway Log.

The bold face figure in ( ) is the distance to Anchorage.

mile 125 (328 miles from Anchorage) Tok Alaska.

alaska highwaymile 122.8 (326.5) Sourdough Campground Full hook-ups, pull-thru's up to 90' for all types of RV's and tents, laundromat, showers, dump station, RV wash, museum, picnic tables, clean restrooms, natural wooded area, free Wi-Fi, souvenir and gift shop. Sourdough Pancake breakfast.

mile 122.6 Tok airstrip.

mile 109.5 (312.5) Eagle Trail State Recreation Site. 35 camp sites, picnic shelters, water, toilets and trails. Public telephone. Grayling at mouth of Clearwater Creek (where it empties into Tok River). There are  2 good trails that lead from the campground. 1.5 mi to Tok Valley Overlook (fairly steep) and .9 mi walk along old Eagle Trail which borders the campground.

mile 104.4/ Parking.

mile 103.8 Bridge over Tok River, parking by river at east  end of bridge.

mile 103.4 Parking.

mile 99.4 Rest area.

mile 98 Bridge over Little Tok River, parking Good grayling  fishing (in Little Tok River) use flies or small spinners

Glenn Highway
Camping along the Glenn Highway

Drive the Glenn Highway
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mile 95.3 Large paved rest area.

mile 91 Side road with bridge over Little Tok River, parking. Grayling.

mile 90 Parking.

mile 89 Parking.

mile 87.6 (292.3) Mineral Lakes, sloughs of Little Tok River.

mile 85.7 Parking.

mile 83.2 Bartell Creek.

mile 81 Road to Mentasta, 6 miles.

mile 79.5 (282.5) Mentasta Summit, 2,434 ft.

mile 78 (281) Mentasta Lodge, visitor facilities.

mile 77.9 Parking by Slana Slough, salmon spawning area.

mile 76.3 Bridge over Mable Creek.

mile 75.8 Bridge over Slana Slough.

mile 75.5 Bridge over Slana River. Rest area with large paved  parking area beside the river, toilets, tables.

mile 73.9 Parking with view of Mentasta Mountains.

mile 69 Parking.

mile 68 Carlson Creek.

mile 65.5 Parking with view.

mile 64.2 (266.6) Porcupine Creek State Recreation Site. 12 camp sites, water, picnic area, tables, toilets, trails and fishing. Area is in foothills of the south slope of the Alaska Range. To the south lie the Copper River Valley and the Wrangell Mountains.

mile 64.1 Porcupine Creek.

mile 63 Viewpoint. Historic marker.

mile 62.9 Duffy's Roadhouse. Emergency airstrip.

mile 60.9 (264) Ahtel Creek. Grayling. Several gold and silver-lead  claims located upstream.

mile 60 (262.5) Wrangell Mountains, named for Baron Wrangell, Russian governor of Alaska from 1830 to 1835. Looking southward, the peak to the left is 16,237-ft. Mt. Sanford; to the right, 12,010-ft. Mt. Drum. Mt. Wrangell, an active volcano next to Mt. Drum, is occasionally wreathed in smoke.

mile 59.5 Junction with Nabesna Road, Slana is located at  Mile 1. The road is 45 miles (first four miles are paved the rest is gravel). Before taking the Nabesna Road stop by the Slana Ranger Station at Mile .02  and inquire about the road conditions. You will need a 4-wheel drive to travel past Mile 28. For more information contact Wrangell-St. Elias National Park 907-822-5234.

mile 56.3 Parking with scenic view.

mile 55.3 Parking.

mile 55.1 Parking with scenic view.

mile 53 (256) Grizzly Lake campground, restrooms and showers. Hiking trails, boat & paddleboat rental. Fishing.

mile 43.8 (246.8) Indian River. Salmon spawning stream. Picnic area, at west end of bridge-tables, firepits, and toilets.

mile 38.6 Parking.

mile 38 Highway narrows westbound, if eastbound there is construction much of the way to Tok.

mile 35.8 (238) Chistochina River Bridges, parking at west end of Chistochina River Bridge No. 1. Chistochina River Trailhead.

mile 34.5 (237.6) Sinona Creek Bridge.

mile 32.9 (235.7) Village of Chistochina. Airstrip.

mile 32.8 (235) Chistochina Lodge.

mile 30.1 Small parking area, highway widens, westbound.

mile 28.1 (231) Historical Marker. Describes early transportation routes, parking.

mile 24 (227.5) Rest Area. Picnic tables, toilets. Path leads to Copper River.

mile 17.8 (221) Tulsona Creek, parking. Fishing for grayling.

mile 6.3 Parking.

mile 2.7 (205.7) Village of Gakona. Post Office.

mile 2 (205) Gakona Lodge.

mile 1.8 (204.5) Gakona River Bridge. Copper and Gakona Rivers merge near here.

mile 1 Scenic view of Gakona and Copper Rivers. Picnic tables.

mile 0 North Glenn-Richardson Highways Junction. It is 125 miles northeast to Tok, 13 miles south to Glennallen, and 236 miles northwest to Fairbanks. If you are heading north to Fairbanks see Richardson Highway Log .


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